Reading at River Poets

This Thursday, I’m pleased to be participating in my first River Poets reading. The River Poets are based in Bloomsburg, PA, and host featured readers, open mics, and other really awesome events, like last week’s Dead Poets Night. 

I’m always heartened to find organizations dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts and other creative efforts. And Mary Lou and Marlin of River Poets are two people I keep bumping into at readings, art shows, and poet-friendly coffee shops all over PA. Thanks so much to both of them for inviting me to share my poetry.


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2 responses to “Reading at River Poets

  1. I wish I could come to this & hear you read your beautiful poems. Like, a lot.

  2. Rachael Lyon

    Thanks, Lucy! I wish I could bust in on you at your PhD program (I envision you in a 1950s library carrel amid piles of dusty books) and just look at your face!

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