Poetry – Chapbooks

The Normal Heart and How It Works, poems. White Eagle Coffee Store Press (October 2011).

Poetry – Anthologies

“The House with Four Rooms.” The Burden of Light: Poems on Illness and Loss. Ed. Tanya Chernov. La Honda: Foreword Literary, Inc., 2014.

Poetry – Translations

ein Baum voll perlgrauer Tauben (a tree full of pearl gray doves) poems by Irmgard Löschner, translation by Rachael Lyon. Verlag Berger, November 2018.

Poetry – Literary Magazines

“After the Storm,” “The Dark Ones,” and “The Woodpile.” Sawmill (forthcoming).

“Etiquette.” Border Crossing (forthcoming).

“Stepmother.” The Southern Review (forthcoming Summer 2014).

“Lipstick Lady.” The Midwest Quarterly Spec. issue of Trash and Treasure (forthcoming June 2014).

“Train Yard: Edge of a City.” The Midwest Quarterly Spec. issue of Rural and Urban (April 2014).

“Translation Theory.” Word Riot (January 2014): online publication.

“Water Talk.” Barnstorm (December 2013): online publication.

“Migraine.” MacGuffin (Fall 2013): 127.

“Window Peacock.” Weave 9 (July 2013): 98.

“Waiting.” Cider Press Review 14.2 (October 2012).

“The Farmer’s Wife.” Hayden’s Ferry Review 50 (Spring / Summer 2012).

“Song of Sally Buchanan, 1798.” Southern Humanities Review 46.2 (Spring 2012).

“Storm Running.” Yemassee 18.1&2 (Spring 2012): 86.

“The Fort.” The Midwest Quarterly LIII.3 (Spring 2012): 270.

“Trick of Light.” The Journal 36.1 (Winter 2012): 104-105.

“Litany.” The Nashville Review (Fall 2011): online publication.

“Bed the Monster.” Fogged Clarity (July 2011): online publication.

“Still Life: Cumberland Settlement” and “Fever.” Crab Orchard Review Spec. issue of Old & New: Re-Visions of the American South 16.2 (2011): 124-125.

“The Offering.” Faultline 20.1 (2011): 77.

“The Story of Simultaneity.” The New Guard 1.1 (2010): 96-97.

“Charmed Hour,” “Handkerchiefs,” “Heat Rash,” “Still Life,” and “Transplant No. 4.” Blue Earth Review 8.2 (2010): 1-5.

“When I Die.” Cider Press Review 12.1 (2010): 30-31.

“Transplant No. 1” and “Transplant No. 2.” Sakura Review 1.1 (Fall 2009): 23-25.

“A Prayer for My New Mother.” Oak Bend Review (May/June 2009): online publication.

“Repetend for Fruit.” The Hopkins Review 2.3  (Summer 2009): 423.

“Water Feet.” Whistling Shade 9.1 (Spring/Summer 2009): 17.

“The Anniversary of Freud” and “Aubade in Reverse.” Zone 3 XXI.1 (Spring 2006): 25-26.



“Breakfast with Mark Doty.” So to Speak 17.1 (2008): 53-55.

“An Interview with a Wilson Poet: Marie Howe.” Albion Review (2006): 65-70.

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