Lucy Biederman is a heartbraking work of staggering genius

And not just because she reviewed my chapbook in Issue #18 of Galatea Resurrects.

Mostly because she’s a friggin’ amazing poet. She blends stunningly beautiful lyric imagery with colloquial vernacular that breaks your heart and rips guffaws through your gut. Take “Song,” a Lucy poem that graces the (web)pages of Ilk Journal. I love every bit of this poem. How the absolutes and ambiguities mingle. How things like “It could never be evening here / You have your choice / Bright as day day or black as black night” rub up against “God…with his older-than-Old-World anger.” How the speaker of the poem evolves into this old-world Icarus, who says things like “[O]ur fear is the shape of everything in the world / Except what our eyes have seen” and would drive the sun too high into the sky if she could. And the words that make your mouth dance. And the rhymes that spank your butt in a delightful and unexpected way. Sigh. I can’t wait for her chapbook, The Other World, to come out from Dancing Girl Press.

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