The Normal Heart and How It Works

Winner of the 2010 White Eagle Coffee Store Press Chapbook Contest.

From contest judge, Bern Mulvey:

These poems document first the narrator’s acceptance of serious, perhaps fatal, physical imperfection–in itself inspiring–yet an acceptance which transforms somehow, miraculously, over the course of this wonderful book into love for this flawed body. “I am not finished yet/not nearly/yet,” she announces, triumphantly, in “Binary Things,” and even though we know this victory is temporary, her joy at it, at simply being alive, is contagious. Like the narrator of these poems, we too inhabit bodies which are imperfect, which ultimately will betray us, but while perhaps inevitable, these poems are reminders that this is not evil, and that the life that precedes this finish is still worth living. All important messages, particularly in these difficult times, though perhaps the biggest miracle of this book is that the presentation of these ideas is done so beautifully, with such attention to line, to image, to the sound, the music of language. A music felt inside (yes) the human heart.